Sporting & Beijing Sangao Clubs Form Relationship

The Santa Clara Sporting Club was honored to welcome the Beijing Sangao U17 Soccer Team from China last weekend at the 2010 Santa Clara Sporting Invitational Tournament held from August 6th-8th.  It took over a year of planning, and some monumental efforts to bring the team to the 7th Annual Tournament. The entire club at Santa Clara Sporting would like to deeply express it’s gratitude

8 Sporting Teams Finish Top-4 in Sporting Invitational
'93 Team Bring Home the Championship Cup

The Santa Clara Sporting Club finished the 2010 Sporting Invitational with one champion, one finalist, three semi-finalists, and four quarter-finalists. Congratulations to the Santa Clara Sporting ’93 Team (U17) for bringing home the Championship Cup in the 2010 Santa Clara Sporting Invitational. The ’93s defeated the powerhouse LaRocha Team from Utah (Utah State Champs and past SI Champs) this year. 

3 Sporting Teams Win 2009 SI Championship
11 Teams Place as Champions, Semi-Finalists or Quarter-Finalists

Santa Clara Sporting had a very strong showing last weekend at our 6th Annual Invitational Tournament with 11 teams finishing as Champions, Semi-Finalists and Quarter-Finalists.  Congratulations to the Sporting ’99 Green, ’93 and ’92 Teams for keeping the Sporting Invitational Championship Cup at home after a long weekend of competition.  Four other teams (’99 White, ’98, ’96 and ’94) finished as Semi-Finalists, and four teams (’00, ’98, ’95 & ’91) finished as Quarter-Finalists.

2009 Sporting Invitational Champions

Photo by Leo Pantaleon

The 6th Annual Santa Clara Sporting Invitational Tournament came to a close today after three days of intense competition. Over 150 teams from California, Nevada, Utah, Washington, Oregon and New Mexico and Canada competed in the 2009 event.  The Santa Clara Sporting and PAC clubs each walked away with three championship titles.

2008 Sporting Invitational Champions
  • U9 Champions - United Soccer Flames
  • U10 - PAC '98
  • U11 Stockton Monarcas FC Aztec
  • U12 Santa Cruz Breakers
  • U13 Santa Clara Sporting '95
  • U14 Santa Cruz Breakers
  • U15 LaRoca FC '94 Premier-Utah
  • U16 Ceres Earthquakes
  • U17 Placer United Gold '92
2011 Sporting Invitational Results
Sporting 99 Green & 93 Teams Win Championship

The Santa Clara Sporting Club would like to thank all the teams that traveled to compete in our 8th Annual Santa Clara Sporting Invitational. 160 elite soccer boys teams competed over three-days to battle for the SI Championship crown. Some of the best teams from Canada, Washington, Utah, Southern California and Northern California fought in some very intense soccer games this year.

Sporting 99B & 98B Green Teams Win Sporting Invitational

August 25, 2012

The 9th Annual Santa Clara Sporting Invitational Tournament came to a close Sunday, August 12th after three days of tough competition, and the Sporting 99B Green U13

2013 Sporting Invitational Results

2013 Results

Age Group Champion Finalist
U9 Pajaro Valley YSC PV Unit Red Star SA 04B Red
U10 Santa Clara Sporting 03B Green Athletico Santa Rosa
U11 Placer United 03B Red Ajax United Jrs 03B Green
U12 El Camino Real FL Real SA Santa Clara Sporting 01B Black
U13 Turlock FC United Santa Clara Sporting 00B Green
U14 Santa Clara Sporting 99B Green Monarcas Academy 99
U15 Diablo FC 98 Davis Legacy SC 99 Academy
U16 Monarcas Academy Aztec Warriors CFC Untouchables Black
U17 Athletico Santa Rosa Santos Mustang SC Internazionale
U18 Santa Clara Sporting 95B EBU Bay Oaks Mavericks
2011 Sporting Invitational Champions & Finalists

U9 Champions - Ceres Earthquakes FC Juniors United 03B


U9 Finalists - Santa Clara Sporting 02 Green


U10 Champions - PAC United


U10 Finalists - Juventus SC Jaguars


U11 Champions - Ballistic United 01 Premier


U11 Finalists - Inter Rage Academy Extreme


U12 Champions - Santa Clara Sportign 99 Green


U12 Finalists - Central Marin FC Arsenal


U13 Champions - Mt. Hamilton PAC Atlas


U13 Finalists - Tecos Hayward SC


U14 Champions - Alum Rock PAC Impact


U14 Finalists - Stockton Storm FC


U15 Champions - Juventus Forza FC


U16 Champions - Diable FC 95


U17 Champions - Union Independiente FC


U19 Champions - Santa Clara Sporting 93




2015 Sporting Invitational Results

2015 Santa Clara Sporting Invitational Results     

Age Group Champion Finalist
U12 Santa Clara Sporting 03 Boys Green Turlock FC Orange 03B
U13 SJ Earthquakes 02 Pre-Academy  Chochilla CV Leon 02B Green
U14 Athletico Santa Rosa Chivitas Barcelona Bay Area Academy 01B
U15 Santa Clara Sporting 00B Green Athletico Santa Rosa Barceleona
U16  Santa Clara Sporting 99B Green Placer United 00B Gold
U17 FC Golden State East  Santa Clara Sporting 98B Green
U19 Almaden FC Mercury 97B Green Monarcas Academy Aztec Warriors


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