Sporting '00 Boys Green Win back-to-back State Cup Titles

January 29, 2012

The Santa Clara Sporting ’00 Boys Green Team are only 10 years old, but this squad has already put their mark on the club’s history books with a NorCal State Cup Championship in the State 3 Division that followed up their back-to-back 2010 and 2011 CYSA President’s Cup Championships.

The young Santa Clara team started the NorCal State Cup run last August when they smothered three teams in bracket play. Sporting defeated the MCFC Spartans 4-1, crushed the OSV Union FC 00B Gold team 9-1, then beat DeAnza Force 4-2. They won all three games of their second round of bracket play. They lost to the Turlock Tornados 3-4, the only game they lost out of nine games, which pushed them into the Semi-finals against the Red Star SA00B Red Team, where they won 4-1. The Santa Clara ’00B Team defeated Central Marin Arsenal ’01 in the final by a score of 3-0 to win the NorCal Cup in the State 3 Division.
Congratulations to the players, coaches and parents.