Sporting Mens Team Win 2011 CPSA League Championship

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August 22, 2011

The Santa Clara Sporting Mens Team won the 2011 California Premier Soccer Association league title on Sunday, August 21st with a 5-2 victory over the Harmonie Mens Team from Palo Alto.  Santa Clara jumped out to an early lead with two goals against the Palo Alto Team that defeated Sporting in the 2010 final championship game last year.  Sporting was controling posession and looked like they had control of the game, but a foul in the Sporting box gave Harmonie a penalty kick about 30 minutes into the first half. Palo Alto burried the PK and all of a sudden it became a 2-1 game. The first half ended with Sporting back with a two goal lead; the 3-1 lead game Santa Clara some breathing room. 

Right after the second half started, Palo Alto marched down field and scored a goal to close the gap again, and it was back to a 3-2 game with plenty of time in the second half. Sporting coach Luis Azevedo made some great tactical substitutions and Santa Clara turned the momentum back to the men in the green and white hoops, and the score was quickly a 5-2 game.  Two 1v1 opportunities for Sporting were nullified when the Harmonie goalie took down the Santa Clara players inside the penalty box.  The referee did not make any calls and did not reward Sporting with any PKs, but the team closed-out the second half and won the championship.

Congratulations to Luis Azevedo and the entire team.