The Jonathan Manzo Chavez Soccer Award

August 18, 2011

The Santa Clara Sporting Club and the Santa Clara Youth Soccer League are extremely excited to announce the launch of our first Annual Jonathan Manzo Chavez Soccer Award !

Starting this 2011 season, Santa Clara Sporting and SCYSL will recognize four soccer players who demonstrate the same passion, dedication and support for his/her teammates that Jonathan carried throughout his life. Sporting and SCYSL will award four exceptional players every calendar year (1 Santa Clara Sporting U10 boys player, 1 Santa Clara Sporting U10 girls player, 1 Santa Clara Youth Soccer U10 boys player, and 1 Santa Clara Youth Soccer U10 girls player) with a JMC Soccer Award and a $75 gift certificate that can be used towards the purchase of a pair of cleats at All-Star Soccer in Sunnyale. Player nominations will be made by the coach of each team, and a special committee will select the four soccer players to receive the award.

This award is created to honor and celebrate the life of Jonathan "Pretty Boy" Manzo Chavez;a young Santa Clara Sporting soccer player who embodied the most passion, dedication to soccer and support for his teammates you could ever find in a 10 year old. Unfortunataly, on November 15, 2008, we lost Jonathan in a tragic traffic automobile accident while his family was traveling home from a soccer tournament. Jonathan showcased his talents in front of those he loved the most, and celebrated the end of a perfect day of soccer by putting one goal in the back of the net. Jonathan was a member of Santa Clara Sporting ’98 Green Boys Team.

With this prestigous soccer award, we will celebrate his memory and recognize "Pretty Boy" in our hearts every soccer season!