Meet the Sporting '99 Green Girls Team

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Team Name: Santa Clara Sporting ’99 Green Girls Team

Coach Name:  Demitri Cacoyannis

Manager Name:  Cindy Haubl

Website URL:  coming soon

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1. How long has the team been together? 

Since 2007

2. Who are some of your key players and why?

As a young team (U10), it’s been very exciting watching each of the girls grow stronger each season as they settle into their best positions.

3. How would you describe your team’s style of play? 

Having played together for several seasons now, it’s great to watch the girls play more as a team.  They have really come a long way in “playing the whole field” and trusting their teammates.

4. What has the team been up to lately? 

We competed in the Surf Cup Tournament in San Diego which was a lot of fun and tough competition, the Mustang Stampede Tournament, and will soon play in the Magic Cup Tournament in Morgan Hill.  We’ve had a few girls out due to vacation and injuries, so we’re looking forward to getting back on track with the fall season.

5. What’s been working? 

Coach Demitri’s positive coaching techniques and the recent addition of Asst. Coach Jen.

6. Goals for 2009-2010 Season? 

To continue to grow as a tight unit and develop stronger skills.

7. What advice would you give a younger Sporting Team? 

Practice, practice, practice, stay healthy and eat right too…they all contribute to the game!