Tryouts for Competitive Boys Teams

2014-2015 Age Group Reflected

All Santa Clara Sporting Teams play under the Santa Clara Youth Soccer League, and ALL players trying-out must have proper insurance coverage. If a player trying-out for a team is currently registered with anther CYSA Team during the current playing season, that player has proper CYSA insurance coverage. However, if the player is not currently registered with a CYSA Team, the coach is responsible to have the player and parent sign the CYSA Form 1601 – and write “Tryout” on the top of the form. Download CYSA Form 1601 and bring to the tryout.

If you are interested in trying out with any of the Santa Clara Sporting Boys Teams that have not posted specific tryout information here, please contact the respective coaches/team managers.

Santa Clara Sporting ‘02 Boys Green, White and Black Teams U12
The Sporting '02 Boys Program will be holding tryouts for its three U12 Teams on Saturday July 26th from 10:00-11:30 at Curtis Field. We have three competitive boys team in our U12 age group and we work hard to develop our players at all skill levels – Premiere, Gold, and Silver/Bronze.  Goalies have access to Santa Clara Sporting Club goalkeeper training. Contact Vytas Ankaitis at 408-318-5815, if you plan to attend tryouts or have interest in our U12 teams. - posted 7/16/14

Santa Clara Sporting ‘01 Boys Green U13
The Sporting 01 Boys team is looking for impact players that want to compete at a high level. We are looking for Premier level players that want to work hard and improve their level of play as well as help our team get better.  We always welcome new players to come participate in a training session for evaluation, if you would like to attend please contact our coach and he will give you all the details necessary.  As well as regular training sessions we will also be holding official tryouts June 21st and 22nd from 11am to 1pm at Curtis Field in Santa Clara.  Prospective players must be born between 8/1/01 to 7/31/02. For more information please contact Coach Eric Silveira at 510-862-0534 or - posted 6/2/14

Santa Clara Sporting ‘98 Boys Black U16
The Sporting '98 Boys Black team are the 2014 Spring U15 Cal-North Gold League Champions and are expecting to play in the California Regional League (Premier) in Fall 2014. The practices/tyouts will be held at Santa Clara University/Stanton Field from 5:15pm-7pm on July 8th and July 13th. The team is coached by Cameron Rast, Head Coach of the Santa Clara University Mens Soccer Team. We are looking for 3 exceptional players, born after July 31, 1998, to join the team starting this Fall and are looking for only players looking to stay long-term with the team. We have an exceptional team environment supported by a great group of families. All players interested in trying out should contact Deepu Sugathan/Team Manager at 408-431-4139 or - posted 6/17/2014